Thursday, August 03, 2006

Who Inherits the Earth?

There was a story in the Washington Post that some Redskin football players were falling ill from a staphylococcus infection that are resistant to anti-biotics. This comes from shared Jacuzzis, whirlpool baths, and other athletic equipment. It is happening in other sports. Action is being taken. There was story some years ago "Lenigan and the ants" where the ants take over the earth. Other such stories about rats, cockroaches and kuzdu have proliferated. Maybe we human beings are not the inheritors of the earth after all.

Best Ben


Blogger Kate said...

I LOVE the story Lenigan vs. The Ants! Do you know where I could get a copy? I've searched the web to no avail.

February 28, 2007  

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