Monday, August 07, 2006

Paul Krugman

I thought it was a grand idea when the NYTimes signed Paul Krugman, a certified economist, as a columnist, even though he had been a very well-paid consultant to help guide Enron (to what?)
But his economic stuff seems weak to me. He’s now suggesting a recession because of a housing slowdown. Maybe. But doesn’t he know anything about America’s booming population. Where are they going to live?
But he has pontificated repeatedly about day-to-day politics, in a mean-spirited and scurrilous way. I don't think he knows beans about it. It’s always anti-Bush and anti-GOP. Too bad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always thought Krugman was just a misled very partisan Democrat. Then I learned about his huge Enron board salary - and I thought, hmmmm hypocrit, too. The crust of him!!!

August 07, 2006  
Blogger Ben Wattenberg said...

You got it right

August 07, 2006  

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