Monday, August 07, 2006


I grew up in a staunchly pro-Zionist household. My mother's family emigrated there in 1904. My father came after WWI as a chalutz in 1918.

I remain staunchly pro-Israel.

It's a remarkable place. They really did "make the desert bloom."
Their high-tech sector is probably only second to America's.

But they have made a major mistake.

Ben Gurion's idea and Yigal Allon's, and other's, was "Me M'tullah ad HaNegev, Min Ha-yam et Ha Midbar" --- from the North to the Southern tip of the Negev, from the sea to the desert. (That was also in the phrase used in the stirring marching song of the pre-independence major self-defense force.)

But the bright lights and big city of TelAviv-Jaffa is now peopled by about 75% of the Israeli Jewish population.

That makes them vulnerable to a single "dirty bomb" or some such --- like Singapore or Hong Kong.

Not smart.



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