Monday, August 07, 2006

Las Vegas

I first went to Las Vegas in my sophomore year of college. A friend and I were hitch-hiking to work on combines "following the wheat crop North." We were picked up by small-time New York hustler, who claimed to have bedded every girl in the Copacabana chorus line. (Sure he did.)

He convinced us to join him in Las Vegas. I got a job as a cub reporter at the Las Vegas Review Journal.

I loved it, the gambling, the shows, whatever.

Vegas was a relatively small city then. Now I believe it is the fastest-growing city in America.
It has family entertainment, as well as high rollers.

And how about this anomaly? It has a large Mormon population.



Anonymous LC said...

Not really an anamoly--Mormons first settled Las Vegas in their journey west in 1855. You can still see their original fort there today.

August 08, 2006  

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