Thursday, November 16, 2006

You left off the part about practicing consistent intellectual dishonesty, e.g.: not providing evidence for your claims and 'musings' (which you seem to put out there as, and to take as, gospel/fact) when challenged to do so; withholding comments that point this practice out; calling people names like 'anti-Semite' when they (strongly) suggest that (most) probably part of the reason you think unconditional US support for Israel is a good idea is that you are Jewish; not providing a rationale -- a reasoned, logical argument -- about why this (unconditional) support is in the best interest of the US, even though this seems crucial to your position; etc etc etc.
Ben's Response:
A "musing," by definition, is a musing and does not require "evidence." I don't believe I have ever called anyone on this blog an anti-Semite. But when a poster does not acknowledge that Israel is the only serious democracy from --- roughly --- Greece to South Korea --- and they've got big problems too --- then I begin to wonder. When said poster does not note that at least some Jews have been in residence in the Land of Milk and Honey since the times of the Exodus, I wonder more. Sure, I'm Jewish, and proud of it. I have a large family in Israel. My mother's people came there after the Kishinev Pogroms which, I would imagine even you might acknowledge were rooted in anti-Semitism. My cousin, a US Merchant Mariner who did the Murmansk run, helped "smuggle" Holocaust survivors into Israel. Uh, I assume we agree that Adolph was not philo-Jewish, although he did do deals with Arab Semites. The U.S. of A. has supported nations all over the world, including many who were not democratic and anti-American. Israel is democratic and pro-American. Let us assume you are neither anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli, nor anti-Jewish.
What's your problem?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Wattenberg, you write:

I don't believe I have ever called anyone on this blog an anti-Semite.

And in an earlier post, you wrote:

Screedy, annonymous anti-Semites need not respond, but it's a free country ain't it?

Even for screedy, annonymous anti-Semites to whose posts I may reject, moderate or publish probably the former.

But I like a fight, even with screedy, annonymous anti-Semites.

There you were clearly calling the author of an earlier comment (aka the "screedster", me) an "anti-Semite" -- right? IMO it's unmistakeable; is there another comment that you have labled a "screed" written by a "screedster"? Surely you are not going to use some weird, Clintonesque twist of language to deny that you called me an "anti-Semite", are you? I hope not.

A "musing," by definition, is a musing and does not require "evidence."

Which of your blog posts are you referring to here? My original question about unconditional US support for Israel was in response to this post, which is not labeled with your usual symbol (<>) for a "musing". I have also asked you to give evidence regarding your claim of military service by the children of neocons; and that post is also not identified as a "musing".

I hope the situation is clear(er) now.

November 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Wattenberg, I think I showed that you did call me an anti-Semite; why do you have no response? Do you always just ignore it when someone proves you wrong? Perhaps it is better to admit it openly? Which behavior is more appropriate for a "Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute"?


November 22, 2006  

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