Saturday, November 11, 2006

Screed by screedster

From Ben:

Such a screed, by such a screedster, deserves more than an annoymous handle.

Yuk !

* * *

Gee, what a surprise: You're a Jew and you don't think the 'narrow' unconditional US support of Israel is not in the best interest of the country, even though it is the prime reason for the poor image of the US in the muslim world, and one of the prime motivators of terrorism.

And here is the latest reason why so many muslims hate the US: US vetoes motion on Gaza attack.

Let's ask a couple of questions here: What did the Israeli military think was going to happen when they fired tank/artillery shells into a crowded urban area? Do they think such shelling is some sort of modern, precision weapon? Or do they have a nearly complete disregard for Palestinian civilian life? Preferring to shoot first and issue perfunctory apologies later? -- i.e. after the civilians, almost always including women and children, are dead.

It is so obvious that such support of Israel is not in the best interest of the US that suggesting otherwise shows the depth of your dishonest and irrational bias.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Wattenberg, your impressive refutation of the 'screed', i.e. your persuasive argument as to why unconditional support for Israel really is in the best interest of the US, despite the fact such support 1) often appears to offend against common decency and a justified sense of moral outrage (e.g. the recent shelling deaths followed by a US veto of a resolution condemning them), 2) results in widespread hatred of the US in the much larger muslim world, and 3) is a prime motivator of terrorism.


(I just saw the Borat movie, so I felt compelled to make a 'Not' joke, even in this apparently in appropriate context, in true Borat fashion. BTW, wouldn't especially recommend the movie.)

Suggestion: Make a counterargument. For a change.

November 11, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Point out the 'anti-Semitism', please.

November 16, 2006  

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