Thursday, November 09, 2006

Speed reading --- Speed viewing


We have heard about the feats of "speed reading."

Good speedsters can read two open pages in a trice and absorb an eyeful.

What about "speed viewing?"

In this remarkable moment of DVD's, TIVOs, fast-forward, pause, zoom, VHSs, picture-in-picture, computers that show movies and television and CDs a person can lay in his/her tilting vibrating bed and switch back and forth between musical comedy, action flix, sports, pornography, horror flix and more, in many languages at volumes and brightnesses that vary.

Can you zip through such an electronic pastiche and get the meaning and flavor of what is going on in the world?

I think so.

Costs of such remarkable machines are tumbling every day.

If you can, try it.

I bet you'll love it.



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