Tuesday, November 07, 2006


So far, with very, very, incomplete results it looks like moderate Democratic gains, not quite enough to carry either Chamber.

That's a little worse for the GOP than I predicted, and substantially worse for the Democrats than was predicted and projected for the Democrats as recently as a few weeks ago.

We shall see.

No one, no one, knows what will happen, although some pundits make a good living at telling you in advance what can not be known in advance.

(><) I think some evocative cliche's, aphorisms, slogans, are the best way to describe something when used wisely:

Too close call, within a hair's breadth, a miss is as good as a mile ("first-past-the-post-electoral- system") it's a game of inches, winning by a nose, every vote counts, instant replay for line calls, stealing home,one-man-plus-the-truth-makes-a-majority, too much spin, spin-doctors....

Of all the thousands of languages and dialetcs in the world,American/English has more words and the most evocative cliche's, aphorisms, slogans.

Even the proud French ruefully conced that.

It looks like it's goiing to be a long night.

PS: Some folks think it's a bit weird for me to be posting well into the night.

As you get older, you are more likely to "awake with a start" or "jump out of your skin" in the middle of the night.

Rather than sit around with "ants in my pants," I'd rather communicate my thoughts to those who agree with men and those who don't.

Makes sense to me,



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