Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Dow --- again

Once again, the Dow soars.

I think it is related to the growing possibility --- only a possibility --- that the GOP will retain majorities in both Houses of Congress. (Although the markets might well do well with the Dems capturing one or both Houses of Congress.)

We are, I say once again, in the middle of Leontiff-style "long boom," that can go on and on and on --- for a long time. (Or fall flat on its face and break its crown.)

Again: Diversify, be cautious, invest, don't day-trade.

In particular, if you are youngish, if you can, put a little bit away at regular intervals.

Although there is dispute about whether he said it or not, Albert Einstein noted that compound interest is the most remarkable pheonomenon in the universe --- including one would assume E=MC squared.

In any event, it pays off.



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