Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sen. Joe --- a big winner ! ! !

Senator Joe Lieberman, once (D. CT) now (I. Ct.) won a mighty victory in the Nutmeg State.

He was well behind but --- Republicans !!! --- flocked to his banner.

Joe has said he will organize with the Democrats in forming commitees and assigning parking spots.

I don't see how the Dems in Congress can do too much damage, if damage is what they are after.

President Bush has a "blocking power' through his right to veto legislation.

Joe always voted his conscience but he was, after all, a professional politician,

Now, even more so, he will surely let his conscience be his guide. His vote is not in anyone's pocket, certainly not in those of his former Democratic colleagues.

Joe is about ten years younger than I.

He was a political progidy in Stamford CT when I moved there in the late 1950s.

He spoke eloquently and passionately.

At the back of Cummings Park on Long Islan Sound some of the old Jews gathered and said "Some day that boy is going to be President. "

It might still happen.

He came very close to being Vice President in 2000.

My not-so secret agenda for 2008: An Independent ticket with Sen. Joe
and either Sen John McCain (R.AZ) or former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani (America's Mayor.)

Both McCain and Giuliani are flawed men. I would guess Joe is too. Aren't we all?

The idea of an Independent ticket is not so wild a dream.

Abraham Lincoln was either a third or fourth party nominee in 1860. He won.

Gov. George Wallace (D.AL) ran very strongly in Non-Southern states. He carried Cambridge, MA --- home of Hahvad --- in the midst of a busing crising.

Former President Theodore Roosevelt (R.NY) finished second in 1912.

Ross Perot --- no known political affiliation on this planet --- was ahead of the pack in 1992 before went nutso, quit, and then came back to gain 19% and quite possibly give the election to Bill Clinton over George H.W. Bush a fellow Texan whom Perot hated.

If such a McCain/Giuliani + Lieberman ticket won it could significantly improve America governance.

It would not be locked into partisan verities like pro- or anti- life, pro- gun or anti-gun, pro- global trade or anti-. It would be less like to buckle under to special interest groups.

Woul Joe head such a fusion ticket or be in second place? I certainly do not know.

But both John and Rudy have had health problems. (Joe may have had some too.)

It's all a long shot, but not such an impossible dream.


Ross Perot


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