Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nancy, Steny and Jack

Click here: Leader’s Election Sealed by Early Claims on Loyalty - New York Times

I am honored to know Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, and Jack Murtha.

Speaker Pelosi seems a common-sense sort. But she has represented a far-out district of the Left; she was a so-called "San Francisco Democrat."

Will she now represent the whole House (?) as a Speaker is supposed to do, but rarely does. Will she represent all Democrats, or continue to be a San Francisco Democrat?

(Speaker Tom Foley apparently lost his seat because he was too Democratic, and hailed from a quite conservative district.)

I like Steny Hoyer. He is a moderate common-sense Democrat. But will he have to pay obeisance to the Left-most fringes of the party? A tragedy of Dem-leftism has been "No Enemies on the Left."

I don't know what to make of of Jack Murtha. He certainly seems like a fine level-headed man.

But I just don't get his apparent cut 'n' run postion on Iraq.

He was/is about as Scoop Jackson-like a foreign policy Democrat (mix 'n' match) idealist-realist I have ever met.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

But I just don't get his apparent cut 'n' run postion on Iraq.

Maybe because not 'cutting and running' means many more young Americans will die there, and that for a cause -- what is it the cause this week?, still democracy in Iraq? -- that does not seem is worth it. And he's a little more sensitive to that reality than you are, a little more aware of what that sort of danger means for the troops and their families.

But as you related before, you now live in a nicer place in Wash DC, so what's the problem, right?

November 18, 2006  

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