Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Holy hop-toads, Shazam, Up-up-and-away ! ! !

Markets soar, notwithstanding difficult political and geo-political conditions.

I wonder:

How much of it may be due the fact that SenJoeLieb may be the second most influential public person in America?

He's moderately liberal, religious, very patriotic and level-headed. Americans of all stripes, stars or not, like that.

(SenJoe's now an Independent, (I.CT) and could switch all the chairmanships in the Senate by organizing with the Republicans.

So too, perhaps the House, should the House do something crazy like try to impeach the Prez or Veep.

How so the House, if he's a member of the Senate?

By DemSens scared witless, pressuring the HouseDems to act sanely.

Pols of all peruasions and parties love committee chairmanships and sub-committee chairmanships.

Why? Power to schedule hearings, or not, to subpoena, or not, appoint the Sergeant-at-arms, ushers and page girls/boy.

Also BTW:

To gain pelf though power for election campaigns. Even when their seat is un-contested.

Oh, that.



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