Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Re Austrylyin

Ben said: "it seems to me that if the Webmaster, or some tekkie/journo at The Austrialian sees that items are coming in from my blog, the WebMas might contact me."

Sure he might contact you, if he wanted to ask your permission to list your blog on his website. But he wouldn't need to contact you in order to do that and I doubt he would. And you don't need his permission to list his website on your blog.

Ben's response:

A: What you say is quite correct, but is it polite?

I have met a number of Auzzies. Mostly, I like them a good dea. If I fugure it right Austrylyah has been the best or nearly the best at supporting the U.S. policy over the years.

They are nation of mostly good mytes and fine waltzing Matildas.

The population is not known for exquisite manners.

But it is good business to be cordially business-like to those with whom you do business.

Aye Myte?

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