Wednesday, November 15, 2006

One time only: Partial stament of principal...

Now hear this:

The following is a one-time only partial statement of principles about this blog.

Notwithstanding it one-time-ness I shall copy and re-copy the one-time-only partial statement of principles about this blog, to Explorer, WPerfect, My Favorite Places and to an Icon, if I con:

1) I like word play, and play with word play. It is, granted, an acquired taste, but it tastes good. Say hey ! OK?

2) I have a love-hate relation with the 500-channel universe, and the 500 channels in the 500-channel universe. Until a moment ago that copy-paste of the "500-channel universe" was coming up "word play." Why?

3) I love the new technology but it's newness frrrrustrates me when it doesn't work. Why? Because I love it, earn my living by it and because that's the kind of guy I am. When I was a young scribbler I would keep pencil carbons of the day's work in a safe deposit box. It's not a nice feeling to have a day's work disappear. Now I save every five seconds.

4) I tend to repeat myself. I hope it is not more than an occasional "senior moment" experienced by people as seniorty takes it's toll. In my case I've written articles, books, blogs and television scripts --- and conducted hundreds of television interviews. It is sometimes hard to know who said what to whom, when.

5) We seniors ( I am slightly less than 73 and 3/12ths ) look at the brilliant young people today and muse: They may have knowledge but wise seniors have wisdom --- and wisdom is far rarer and much more important. In traditional societies that was understood; it is not so often understood these days in non-tradtional societies.

6) The use of repetition is as old as the hills. Count the number of times "the sloe-eyed Athena" appears in --- what --- The Iliad (?)

7) I love cliche's when the say some thing true and apparent like "as old as the hills." They tell a story and I love story-telling.

8) I blog in several ways.

A) Rat-tat-tat. Dow's-up-Dow's-down. I believe we are in a Leontiff-style "long boom" and there are bick bucks to be made by the rich and non-rich. The non-rich need it more than the rich.

B) On topics that I have written on over years like politics, geo-politics and especially demographics.

(Diversion:, a disaster in so many respects, has a good spell-checker. Sometimes as I grope my way around, to often frrrrustrated, I copy-paste-spell-check to, a disaster in so many respects.)

C) I make up words as I go. Many good writers do. So too do some bad writers make up up words as they go.

D) I muse muchly, often about the five senses a la Marcel Proust's impenetrable Remembrances of Things Past. (They are marked (><) --- in bright red for those of you who don't have color capability.)

E) There has not been a good book of blogs yet, but the the form is only about five years old. Someone's going to do it. It might be me. In the 1950s the longshoreman/philosopher Eric Hoffer did something like it to wide accalim. I loved 'em then; they don't seem to hold up so well now.

All this forms part of a larger project based on a book tentatively titled Tales of a Neo-Con, of which more in subesequent posts.

F) Older poeple tend to get up in the middle of the night. Instead of jumping out of my skin, I blog. Blogito ergo sum.

Technophobically, I fear this will not post so I will sign off for now.

I hope I sleep like a log,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You left off the part about practicing consistent intellectual dishonesty, e.g.: not providing evidence for your claims and 'musings' (which you seem to put out there as, and to take as, gospel/fact) when challenged to do so; withholding comments that point this practice out; calling people names like 'anti-Semite' when they (strongly) suggest that (most) probably part of the reason you think unconditional US support for Israel is a good idea is that you are Jewish; not providing a rationale -- a reasoned, logical argument -- about why this (unconditional) support is in the best interest of the US, even though this seems crucial to your position; etc etc etc.

November 16, 2006  

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