Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Yes + factoid

Good news about the markets being up. But I think our markets are slowly losing their competitiveness. Exchanges in Hong Kong and London have outpaced New York for international IPO offerings. Six years ago 60% of all international IPOs were listed in New York. That number today is 6%. Not a good statistic at all. Could it be laws like Sarbanes-Oxley? Even Nancy Pelosi thinks it's gone way too far. All I can say is that it's pretty sad when an outpost in Communist China is getting more IPOs than New York.

Ben's response:

More is better is indeed when it comes to IPOs.

Factoid: In many countries, Japan for one, it is regarded as a big black mark if a start-up guy has taken the pipe.

Not so in America. Here we regard it as a badge of honor that shows guts and imagination.

Bonus Factoid:

What counry after America has the most listed securities on American exchanges?

Israel ! !

They have guts
and imagination.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They have guts and imagination.

Yes, they do. But perhaps just as important, Israel is heavily subsidized by the US taxpayer. It might be interesting to clarify the role these subsidies play in the overall Israeli economy.

November 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened to the comment I left about this post?

November 16, 2006  

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