Thursday, November 16, 2006

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Ridiculous +++":


You still have not provided any evidence for this claim, despite repeatedly being asked to do so.

Ben's response;

Trust me, it is true. I will be happy to to try provide evidence. But I could see why GIs or their parents would be reluctant to provide, expecially to someone who doesn't have the guts nor seeks the glory to use his own name.



Anonymous James, NY said...

Sure, there are some neoconservatives who have children in the military. But not that many, certainly not in a greater proportion than the nation at large. And why would neocons groom their kids for the military? Most prominent, policymaking neo-cons are ivory-tower Beltway types or upper-East siders whose children would have had better options in life and for whom joining the military just would not make any sense.

Here's an (incomplete) list of neocons and remarks on the service records of their children.

-IRVING KRISTOL: Bill Kristol never served. Did Irving have any other kids who did?
-DICK CHENEY: Neither Elizabeth nor Mary Cheney have served.
-G.W. BUSH: Obviously, Jenna and Barbara are not military and I doubt they ever would be.
-RICHARD PERLE: Jonathan Perle is in mid-20s, has not served in the military, and in fact was pursuing a law degree as recently as 2 years ago. Perle has no other kids.
-NORMAN PODHORETZ & MIDGE DECTER: Son John never served. Any other kids?
-ROBERT KAGAN: Any clues about Elena and David?
-BEN WATTENBERG: You've got four kids. Danny never served in the military. Not sure about Ruth, Sarah or Rachel but my guess is No.
-DON RUMSFELD: Son Nicholas is an internet entrepreneur. Did he serve? I assume daughters Joyce and Valerie did not.
-PAUL WOLFOWITZ: I was not able to find any references to his children's service, but since they were all born after 1977, their careers probably aren't very far along.
-DANIEL PIPES: Any of his three daughters serve?

James, NY

November 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trust me, it is true.

Sorry -- I'll wait for the evidence.

But I could see why GIs or their parents would be reluctant to provide, expecially to someone who doesn't have the guts nor seeks the glory to use his own name.

Just to make sure: I'm not interested in any old normal "GIs"; what I want is a list of prominent neocons, with at least a few names that anyone who pays close attention to the controversy over their role in promoting the Iraq war will recognize. These are the people who you claimed have children who serve in, or have served in, the military. And really, they must be doing, or have done, combat duty in Afghanistan or Iraq. Please go back and read my earlier comment about it for any needed further clarification.

Also, I did ask before: Why do you so much want or need to know who I am? You probably regard yourself as an intellectual, right? Why isn't an anonymous exchange of ideas acceptable to you? Would it really make a difference if I invented some username? If so, why? Other than facilitating a discussion thread in the comments. But like I said, your habit of lifting comments out and putting them into normal blog posts, and also of not responding to comments with a further comment, really makes such a coherent discussion next to impossible.

I also find it annoying the way you moderate comments. Like I suggested: just delete offensive or inappropriate comments. What are you worried about?

November 16, 2006  

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