Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mixed feelings --- and third parties

As blogster-followers of mine know, I'm rooting for Joe Lieberman in today's CT primary. He seems to have JoMomentum on his side.

On the other hand, he has said he would run as an independent if he loses, and he would likely prevail in the Nutmeg State (why is it called that?)

As an independent he might team up with John McCain or Rudy Giuliani and run a third party candididacy.

At the request of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) Think Tank did a 90-minute special called "Third Parties"

It is always regarded as something super-special when an independent or new party candidacy emeres.

But Abraham Lincoln was either a third or fourth party candidate.

Ross Perot was ahead in polls until he dropped out, went ballistic, and then came back --- still got about 19% of the vote.

George Wallace won in the the South --- but also in Michigan.

In 1972 he carried Cambridge MA --- home of Hahvd --- then in the midst of a busing crisis.

Ex-President Theodore Roosevelt finished second in 1912.

It can be done. And it can break the often mindless taboos that rule the existing two parties: pro-choice for the Democrats, pro-life for the Republicans; pro-gun control for the Ds, anti for the Rs, Pro- nuclear power for the Rs anti- for the Ds.

We ought to try it.



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