Friday, November 17, 2006

Milton the Magnificent

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My condolences to Rose Friedman, a wonderful woman.

Milton the Magnificent was guest on Think Tank three or four times.

Sometimes we agreed; sometimes not.

He was one of the most important men of our time.

He had the most unnerving debating technique I have run into.

I would talk; he would respond; I would interrupt; he would patiently continue.

When it was really my turn to talk he would listen patiently, and chuckle. Not loud enough to be heard on the audio, but loud enough for me to hear.

Very unnerving: I thought my fly was open.


PS I was invied late in the day to appear on a panel about Milton . Naturally, my cell phone, which I swear was on, didn't ring.

Technophobia. Getting better... slowly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You keep calling yourself a Technophobe, but you clearly are not one, if you have a cell phone, a computer, a DVD player, a big-screen TV, your own blog, and you use email, along with every other gadget you have.

You may not be sure how to use all of this equipment, but the fact that you own all of these things and that you are willing to use them (even if you don't use them well all the time) means that you are a techno-PHILE.

So, stop calling yourself a technophobe!

November 17, 2006  

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