Saturday, November 04, 2006

From another new post-pal


So good getting to know you...

Indeed, that was in the middle of a discussion.

I never use the word "breeder," except regarding nuclear power.

The title of the book --- which is very frequently mis-stated --- is The Good News is The Bad News is Wrong.

I had it as a chapter title. My editor Erwin Glikes, who did as much as any many to promote the notions of American Neo-conservatism said --- "Wham! that's the title ! "

After I started doing television, editors started putting my picture on the jacket.

We brand everything.

I can live with that.


Dear Ben,

I am struck by a few things in this post that I suspect I am coming in on the middle of a previous discussion.

First, the comment about China's population. China has sentenced itself to death. The breeding population is 15 to 35 year old females. The one child per family policy has been in effect for about 20 years. Because of the preference for male babies, affected by both infanticide and selective abortion, the breeders have been more than halved. They have also, according to a friend who has traveled extensively in China, instilled the small family ethic in the population. I expect that the population will be one quarter of current in 40 years.

Second, greenhouse gases. You have to buy into the global warming thesis to view this as a problem. The guys who predicted massive hurricanes this season and who can't tell you whether to carry your umbrella next Tuesday want you to believe that the temperature will be 2 degrees (Farenheit or Centipede?) warmer in 100 years. Snake oil!

Chicken Little is alive and well and the favored haunt of grifters and charlatans. You were more than right years ago with "The Good News Is The Bad News Is All Wrong" - at least that's how I remember the title.

As to how to expand your horizons: please talk to Roger L. Simon, one of the driving forces behind Pajamas Media. They feature bloggers across the spectrum and some illustrious names contribute.


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