Friday, November 03, 2006

How to go Rod ! ! !

What a pleasure to hear from someone who knows what he is talking about, and with whom I am general agreement.


I found your blog via a link from NEI Nuclear Notes, so there are at least some blogs that are "picking it up". I will also add your musings to my list of links - you attracted me with your positive comments about nuclear power, but I have just spent an interesting half hour or so reviewing some of your thoughts about topics like baseball (glad to see that you are not a Yankees fan), Jimmy Carter (I am not exactly proud that he and I are alumni of the same school), Iraq (yes, our troops are volunteers in the service, but there are a growing number that are serving in roles that are violations of the obvious print in their enlistment agreements), and investing (diversification is a great idea; stock investing is a huge part of the ownership economy).

I have to disagree with whoever thought that advanced nuclear power systems would have to be implemented in the US before they are implemented in developing countries. South Africa and China are both working feverishly to implement high temperature gas cooled reactors, an advanced technology that was first proven in Germany, the UK and the United States more than 30 years ago.

Argentina has an increasing interest in deploying their CAREM reactors, an integral light water reactor that is appropriate for use in less technologically developed areas, while Russia and Brazil are also working on smaller reactor plants that can provide power without a complex infrastructure installed.

My own company - Adams Atomic Engines, Inc. is also developing smaller power plants appropriate for remote areas where the difficulties associated with transporting fossil fuels have inhibited economic development in the past.

Keep up the interesting work. Hope to correspond more with you in the future.

Rod Adams
President, Adams Atomic Engines, Inc.
Editor, Atomic Insights


Blogger artocrat said...

I read atomic insights regularly and find in informative.
I found your blog through Rod Adams link and will be a regular reader.

November 04, 2006  

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