Thursday, September 14, 2006

How DOES the world work.

Some viewers of this blog want it to be political, geo-political, economic. I do that + much demographics.

But it says "musings."

Why do vitamins do what they do? Why does a baby in utero know to go from breach to head-down? Why does a snake coil? Why does one injection take away pain while another is lethal?

Yawning can be self-induced, but does that make you sleepier? How could that cab-driver have a small video screen in his hack. How do phones work, or in my case not work? Why was Pluto (the planet not DisneyDog) re-classifed? Why do computers crash and drive you cuh-razy? Do cataracts which nearly everyone develops and are a piece of cake to cure (?) come from the eye or from the fact that lights are so bright these days. Why can I vividly remember something that happened 70 years ago? Why does gravity work? How can chess grand-masters play 26 rapid transit games against 26 good opponents ---blind-folded --- and usually win them all.
Why a concert pianist tickle 88 keys and three pedals --- blind-folded.

Why does stupid AOL (grr) have a Spell-Check that works pretty well, while Modzilla Foxfire have one that almost never works.

Is there a G-d? Who is he/she/it?

Beats me.



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