Thursday, September 14, 2006

Strange, but true.

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Ford Motor Co. had been an American icon. The tin-lizzy, the Model T, the Model A, always painted black, became part of American history. People saw the country and made love in those vehicles.

Henry Ford is credited, in large measure, with the developement of the assembly line, mass production and the consequent economy of scale.

Ford was a very strange man: a health food nut, an Anti-Semite, a man who publically trashed his own son Hank Deuce. (We did a two-part Think Tank program about him.)

The next son Hank Trey (?) was a super-Greenie. But he couldn't get the company to run in the black.

But Henry the First was dedicated and innovative.

Today, the best cars are made in foreign lands, particularly Japan.

They have no unions, but, as I understand it, come close to matching prevailing union wages. Free-rider is the term of art I believe.

Not a bad deal for America.



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