Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just what we needed

Click here: Steinem, Fonda Radio Network Launched

Just what we needed.

Gloria Steinem can be credited with most foolish statements, ever: "A woman needs a man, like fish needs a bicycle." My understanding is, good for her, that she has not lived her life that way.

Jane Fonda ("Hanoi Jane") helped turn Ted Turner from a nuthatch super-conservative to a nuthatch super-duper liberal. She did, however, participate in the anti-PC tomahawk chop, in support of Captain Ted's Atlanta Braves.

I'll be sure to listen in. It should have a wide audience.

Interesting: Long before the advent of Rush --- a talented innovative man with very real problems --- talk radio had a right-of center tilt, in Denver, Boston, NYNY and many more.

Turner, too, is talented innovative man with very real problems.

Americans knew they weren't getting the news fair and balanced.

They are entitled to that much. And more.



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