Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nuke 'em? Nah.

Washington DC can be a very friendly town.

I had lunch yesterday at The Parthenon. (Greek food is on the South Beach Diet which I now follow.)

(My G.I. MD. has a "fat-burning diet" that many people have asked me send them. Not sure he'll send it. He's great Doc. Doesn't wear a white lab coat, laid back, friendly.)

There were five of us at three tables. Four repeated the razzamatazz about Bush lied, information was held back, we shouldn't be in Iraq, we should have more troops in Iraq, we should cut'n'run, we should run 'n' cut. Yada Yada --- from Blue-staters.

The other woman, a California resident who used to live in DC said "We --- or the Israelis --- or someone --- ought to nuke the Iranians.

It have been astonishing fact of our time that a nuke has not been shot off in anger since 1945 --- more than half a century ( ! )

When the unfairly defamed SecState Dean Rusk was asked what his legacy ought to be he did not say that when he was head of the Rockefeller Foundation he helped fund the development "IR-8" the miracle strain of rice that roughly tripled rice production in less-developed countries, averting famine and mal-nutrtion. He did not say that we stayed the course in a tragic but necessary war in Vietnam. (I agree.)

What he said was "we kept the genie in the bottle."

I agree.

Calm down lady.

A few conventionally-armed bunker-busters on command-and-control centers will do the job.



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