Thursday, September 14, 2006

Why is he butting in?

Click here: Carter Says He Hopes Lieberman Loses

President Carter should stay out of it.

He had some wonderful and dedicated people working for him: Stuart Eizenstat and David Rubinstein come most readily to mind. He showed courage and conviction at times (boycotting the Soviet Olympic games because of their invasion of Afghanistan.) His run in the Iowa Caucuses in 1976 was innovative and important.

But he has shown some very poor judgement.

I was at a Young Presidents Organization in Melbourne AU. It was a four day event, with probably 80% of the attendees from the U.S.

He said "The Soviets have never lied to us."

I then saw and heard something I never thought I would see or hear: Patriotic Americans hissing and boo-ing a man who was once President on foreign soil.

By my lights, his expressed views on the Middle East have been dead wrong.

It used to be that ex-Presidents stayed out of politics after serving. No more. ex-President Carter is the most prominent example.

President Clinton runs a distant second.

Butt out, Mr. President.



Anonymous Frank said...

I am still ashamed of my vote to elect President Carter. I thought that with an engineering background there would be logic in his decisions. I think that the attacks on our country can be attributed to his lack of performance to the hostage taking in Iran. His comments and meddling in the years since that time are inane.

September 18, 2006  

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