Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Nepotism is supposed to be bad. But it's everywhere, and it should be. A politican's son/daughter may follow in his/her footsteps. It may well be the most important thing that can be bequeathed. My own family is heavy on writers, editors, artists, musicians. We try to help each other, but some object: They want to be weighed on their own merits. OK. But the truth is that we learn from our home environment, whether we like it or not.
This is true among business types, shoemakers, bakers and candle-stick makers. And a good thing it is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think then that talent is inherited? And personal tastes and preferences?

August 02, 2006  
Anonymous LC said...

I don't believe that the problem of nepotism lies in an individual's choice to follow in the footsteps of family members. That is a personal vocational choice and makes good sense in light of his upbringing/training/interests. The problem with nepotism lies in a leader choosing a family member regardless of qualification or skill, in order to maintain power or control at the expensive of performance quality and fairness. That, I do not think, is as it should be.

August 04, 2006  

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