Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Testifying to Congress

Over the years, I have had occasion to testify before Congress number of times on a variety of issues. Once, when I was up for confirmation to the Board of International Broadcasting (BIB) I was queried by Senator Larry Pressler (R. SD ---?---). He was working from staff-prepared questions. He said "Mr Wattenberg as a prospective member of BIB, what do you think of such-and-such" And again and again. Then he turned to his staff and said "What's 'BIB?'
Notwithstanding, he was, I think a good Senator.
Hillary Clinton is another matter, the topic of another post.


Blogger Ethan Stillman said...

You seem to be condemning C-Span's neutrality, but isn't that the point of their programming? I'm not an avid viewer, but for the most part I've only seen congressional debates and hearings broadcast by them. They are a pure media outlet, not a source of punditry. In this age were regular viewers of Fox News programs have been found by some polls to know less about current events than those who watch other news sources, what's so bad about a little bit of unadulterated information?

August 02, 2006  
Blogger Ben Wattenberg said...

Ethan, Not condemning C-Span at all. It's a great service. BTW it does include the views of pundits; but Brian Lamb remains neutral. But I think there is also plenty of room for folks with an opinion to speak out. I call myself the "immoderator" of Think Tank. I wouldn't have done the program if I would just be directing traffic.

August 02, 2006  

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