Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Re JReynolds

Dear Mr. Wattenberg
Do you agree with Mayor Bloomberg's projection of the increase in population in NYC in the next 30 years? It does not, in my opinion, take into consideration the tremendous changes that can take place in even five years with newer technology. In addition to my doubts about that number, there is always the question Why live in NYC. (I'm a native of NYC and love it). In 30 years what jobs will be here for poor people? Why will the rich live here? They don't have to work here, culture will be available in other ways. Just would like your opinion of the Bloomberg plan. Thank you for "Fewer," I have given copies to my friends. JReynolds, NYC

Ben's response:

Not even I know what what will happen five years from now. (Flash ! )

People love cities.

I'm a New Yorker by birth. I love it --- second only to DC.

Herman Kahn said that the best thing that that poor people have going for them is rich people. They give them jobs

I am very proud of Fewer. Keep peddling it.


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