Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cartoons --- powerful weapons

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Cartoons can be as powerful, profound and influential as the written word.

Sometimes more so.

Herblock drove Nixon nutso.

Conservatives drove Clinton nutso.

Neither ther man --- although both had great talents --- needed a whole lot of help.

My favorite, mentioned here, was David Low's single panel of Winston Churchill reaction after the Fall of Europe.

He held up his fingers in the "V for Victory" sign is > (rotate clockwise),

The letter "V" as in the "V for Victory" sign is ...- in Morse code.

The caption was equally brief and powerful: "Very well, alone"

All over the world, even today, people in oppressed lands tap out ...- to let their colleagues

fighting oppression, that they have allies.

When I am in a ditch I often say "Very well, alone"


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