Sunday, December 10, 2006

Get into trouble, Ben

Check out Ex-Dictator Of Chile Dies at 91 -


I had a occasion to meet General Pinochet with a delegation of other Americans.

Like most thugs & mugs he was quite pleasant up close. He wore one of those miltary uniforms that make you want to spit and polish and get out you

He actually had a pretty good case.

Prime Minister Allende' had won with well less than 40% of the popular vote in Chile.

Allende' was actively trying to turn the country into a communist outpost. That would have spelled disaster, as it has everywhere.

Civil wars are often the most brutal ones, and this was no exception.

Following this ugly one the Chilean economy took off like a rocket.

It is a lovely country.

I wish the Chileans well,

As for Pinochet --- ???

Probably OK.


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