Monday, December 11, 2006

Golden Oldies



Does anyone recall the lyrics of that wartime tune "They're either too old or too grassy green" ?

Or the the line-up of, say, the 1943 Brooklyn Dodgers. Wasn't there a 16 year-old shortstop named SOMETHING Brown, and a catcher named DC Moore? Who was on the ptching staff?

Who won the batting titles 1942-45? Didn't George "Snuffy" Stirnweiss (sp?) win with .306?

The taste of of a "chocolate egg cream" --- the most distinctive I have ever encountered. South of NYNY I only know of one place that serves it: The American Diner on Connecticut Ave NW.

I assume it is unheathy --- but I love it.

Maybe not: It seems as if there is evolutionary bonus on chocolate. Hence those three chocolate kisses on the turned-down sheets on hotels all over the world.


Blogger miklo68 said...

Snuffy Stirnweiss won the AL batting title in 1945 with a .309. Tommy Brown was 16 when he played for the Dodgers in 1944. Dee Moore was on the '43 roster for a while. Teams stats are online for the 1943 and 1944 Dodgers. Also, lyrics for "They're Either Too Young or Too Old."


December 12, 2006  
Blogger James Aach said...

Of the top of my head, I can't answer your specific questions. But...During World War II, the St. Louis Browns won their only pennant and later featured Pete Gray the one armed outfielder, and the Chicago Cubs went to their last World Series. Pete Reiser was also starring for the Dodgers and running into walls and tearing up his knees. He was drafted and failed his army physical, but when the doctor asked him what he'd be doing instead - and he answered - "Playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers" - the doctor said "You're in." Pvt. Reiser spent the war years playing on military base teams.

Speaking of lost e-mails - I sent you a (requested) outline of Rad Decision at the AEI address. If it wasn't received, respond here and I'll try again. If it was - maintain silence and think of Joe Nuxhall, the Reds' 15 year old pitcher in 1944. JA

December 12, 2006  

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