Saturday, November 04, 2006

Red --- read this...

Dear Mr. Wattenberg,

I admire your loyalty, (thank you) though it is sadly misplaced ( I am dubious; Hello Dubious.)

Personally, I'd be completely unable to continue to stand with someone who has stabbed me in the back, the way Karl Zinsmeister has done to you ... Or didn't you know?

I would have to see Chapter and Verse of that, or Voise.

Even then I woud be dubious.


Formerly Anonymous -- I see in your comments that you prefer a name.

P.S. Please fix your computer's clock. Your posts are showing 3 hours earlier than you're actually posting them.



Anonymous Red said...

Dear Dubious,

Congratulations! Voice it is. It can be made available to you. What audio format will work for you?


November 21, 2006  

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