Saturday, November 04, 2006

Good advice, RS

Thanks RS.

We have begun.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step --- or a single inch --- or two steps forward and a step back.

* * *

I have a few suggestions to improve your blog:

1. Add some material in the sidebar, especially links. Link to some other blogs where you have some agreement with the ideas or where the discussion is stimulating. Links to other bloggers are a form of courtesy in the blogosphere - they're often mutual.
2. Jazz it up a bit. Post a picture every now and then.
3. Pay almost as much attention to grammar, spelling, and capitalization as you would when writing for a newspaper.
4. Consider using more links in your posts. There are two reasons to do this:
a - A link shows where the material to which you are responding comes from.
b - Links help the search engines that go crawling all over the internet find your blog and pick it up. This is one way that people find blogs.

Hope these ideas are helpful.

Posted by RS to Wattenblog at 11/02/2006 03:04:30 AM


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