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My cousin, my hero...

The distinguished clinical psychologist and gerontoligical evpert David Gutmann is my first cousin, and the fellow I know who is most worthy of the soubriquet: "My hero."

When recommends something to read, I read it.

Perhaps you should too.



Addressing the rising tide of British antisemitism,
the British columnist Nick Cohen recently wrote,
“Anti-Semitism isn't a local side effect of a dirty
war over a patch of land smaller than Wales. It's
everywhere from Malaysia to Morocco, and it has
arrived here. If you challenge liberal orthodoxy, your
argument cannot be debated on its merits. You have to
be in the pay of global media moguls. You have to be a

Robert Wistrich examines the history of modern
anti-semitism in Britain, pointing out that "Great
Britain is today second only to France in serious
anti-Semitic incidents reported among European
countries.” Wistrich documents the persistence and
wide reach of anti-Jewish mainstream prejudice,
particularly among the media and the upper echelons of
British society - “the same group that supported
Hitler in the 1930s." Thus, the Muslim promotion of
anti-semitism in England has been very successful,
perhaps because it has been able to graft onto
longstanding, well-established British antisemitism.
Most disturbing, "anti-Semitic sentiment is a part of
mainstream discourse, continually resurfacing among
the academic, political, and media elites", often
taking the form of unsubstantiated, unreasoning
criticism of Israel, while Arab terror is condoned or

We should not be surprised. The Brits have never much
liked Jews - their unwritten law being, “no Jew can be
a gentleman” - and their greatest writers,
Shakespeare, Marlowe, Dickens, T.S. Eliot, Kipling,
even the sainted George Orwell, have all had their
innings at Jew-bashing.

And now, the Israeli Jews are taking on, in the eyes
of the Brits, and especially the British left, all the
grossnesses that Shakespeare once imputed to Shylock:
that they are bloody-minded, implacable killers of
their helpless, innocent victims. The only difference
between Shakespeare’s portrait and that drawn by both
the British extreme right and the left is that now
Shylock goes armed: now he has his own country and his
own army.

As long as the jews were weak and dispossessed,the
Brits limited themselves to well-bred anti-semitism:
snide references to “Sammies,” and the like. But with
the advent of Zionist pioneering, when Shylock started
amassing land and collecting an arsenal, Brit cultural
anti-Semitism escalated: it became politicized, and
even militarized. The cycle of British wars against
the Jews was initiated.

The Brit war effort was at the outset ambivalent,
indecisive. Thus, from ‘36 to ‘39, when the
Palestinian Arabs, upset by the influx of Jewish
refugees from Hitler, started a three year Intifada,
the British Mandate authorities in Palestine
alternated between grudging support of the embattled
Jews and outright sabotage of their efforts at
self-defense. On the one hand, they made Jewish arms
illegal, and forced the Hagana people to hide their
store of antiquated rifles under kibbutz manure piles;
on the other hand they assigned one of their most
brilliant field officers, Orde Wingate, to be a kind
of T.E. Lawrence of the jews, and to train them, in
his Special Night Squads, in the arts of irregular

However, as the Brits mobilized for the coming war
against Hitler, their policy makers resolved their
ambivalence in favor of appeasing the Arabs, and
outright hostility to the jews. Together with Hitler,
They acted so as to create the maximum tally of dead
European Jews.

Thus, Just before Hitler invaded Poland and
intensified his own war against the jews, the Brits -
by imposing their strict White paper policy against
unrestricted Jewish immigration to Palestine - became
Hitler’s de facto collaborators in that war. The
Brits, who were about to declare war on Germany for
the sake of the Poles, at the same time allied
themselves implicitly with Hitler’s war aims in regard
to the Jews. Even as Hitler turned occupied Poland
into a killing ground for trapped Jews, the British
White Paper of 1939 restricting Jewish immigration
locked them out of Palestine - the one refuge
especially created (by the Balfour Declaration of
1921) to take them in. The Brits have never owned up
to this, but they bear a responsibility for the
Holocaust that is second only to that of Nazi Germany.

The Brits did have a superficially plausible excuse:
Facing a desperate war, they needed all the allies
they could get, and particularly the oil-rich Arabs.
Thus, the curtailment of Jewish immigration to
Palestine was a bribe to keep the usually anti-British
Arabs, who could have shut down the vital Suez Canal,
at least neutral during WWII.

However, despite the large contribution of Zionists to
the Allied war effort, the Englishmen’s antagonism to
Jews persisted even after the war, when they no longer
had a pressing need for oily Arab friends. Thus, when
WWII had ended, the brit’s war against the Jews -
which until then had been masked by Hitler’s genocidal
fury - declared itself openly, in it’s own right. The
Post-war British Labor Government, which had
campaigned against the White Paper of ‘39, now - at a
time when their military resources were exhausted by
War II - applied that ruling even more stringently
against the Jewish Holocaust survivors. Hitler was
beaten, but in the British-Jewish relationship,
nothing much had changed: The survivors were still
trying - now with help of the Zionist underground - to
escape to Jewish Palestine from the killing grounds of
Europe, and the Brits were still grimly dedicated to
keeping them out.

The blockade that the Brits mounted against the
Jewish “Illegal Immigration” to Palestine was backed
up by 100,000 troops, a thick network of coastal radar
stations, a squadron of Royal Navy destroyers, a light
cruiser, a wing of long-range patrol aircraft, and an
extensive network of prison camps for the captured
“illegals” in Palestine, in Kenya and on the island of

I was a sailor on two ships of the Illegal
immigration, (Hebrew name, “Aliya-Bet”) was captured
twice by the Royal navy, and served time in two of
their so-called “internment camps.” They were not
pleasant places - not at all up to Geneva Convention
or even Guantanomo standards. This truth was revealed
when the Brits drove our captured refugees in convoy
from the Cypriot harbor at Famagusta to our prison at
Xylotymbou. En route we did pass through a
well-appointed camp - lighted barracks, indoor
toilets, the works. Thinking this was our destination,
the Jews - who were connoisseurs of camps - perked up:
“dus ist a gute lager,” (“This is a good camp”) they
murmured approvingly. But their happy mood ended when
our road suddenly filled up with Germans - undeterred
by their British guards - who shouted “Heil Hitler!”
and flipped us the Nazi salute. It seemed that The
“Geneva” camp was for Afrika Korps POW’s - Hitler’s
heroes; the muddy, squalid hole that we Jews ended up
in was for his victims, including traumatized Jewish
pre-adolescents. The orphaned children of the
Holocaust should have been cherished by the victorious
allies, not penned up, sometimes for years, in His
Majesty’s fetid keeps. More to the point, they should
not have been barred from the Palestinian jews who
were fighting to take them in and heal them.

Though bad enough, Cyprus was only the beginning.
Unable to bear the heavy costs in materiel and moral
reputation of their Jewish wars, in 1947 the brits
turned the Palestine problem over to the UN. Their
secret hope was that the World Body would attempt to
partition Palestine between the jews and Arabs, that
the Arabs would reject this settlement and in the
ensuing war would easily destroy the nascent Jewish
state. As the Arab’s senior partner in this scheme,
the Brits would hold on to a de facto stake in
Palestine, and - as Egypt became troublesome - use the
Holy Land for their primary Middle Eastern base. The
Brits had once out-sourced their war against the Jews
to Hitler; now they subcontracted it to the
Palestinian Arabs.

The Brits protected their investment in an Arab
victory with political and military aid. During the
early, irregular phase of israel’s Independence War,
while the Brits were still occupying, I witnessed
their soldiers looking the other way during Arab
actions, while continuing to confiscate Hagana
weapons. The crack Arab force, the Jordanian legion,
was officered by Brits, and equipped with state of the
art armored equipment and field artillery, which they
used to devastating effect against the young Jews -
many of them Holocaust survivors just off the boat
from the Cyprus camps - who attacked their fortress of
latrun. In this and other battles inmvolving
survivors, the Brits, if only on a minor scale,
continued the work of the Holocaust.

Finally, even after the the Egyptians were routed, and
their proxy war was clearly lost, the Brits - worried
about their threatened holdings in the Sinai - entered
the war openly, and threw the RAF against the
advancing Israelis, losing five aircraft.

But that was rare. The Brits don’t mind seeing Jews
killed, but they are fastidious about it, generally
leaving the dirty business to others. Thus, as I
charge, they indirectly abetted the Nazi Holocaust,
and then stood by while the palestinians attempted
with less success to continue it.

It appears that the game is afoot once again, with the
Judaeocidal task no longer out-sourced to Palestinians
alone, but to the much larger body of Radical
Islamists now piling into Britain, all eager for the
The Brits still limit themselves to talk, but from all
accounts, the chatter in the trendiest salons, at
party congresses both of the Left and the Right, at
A-List dinner parties and scholarly gatherings, has
become obsessively, fiercely anti-Israel, anti-Zionist
and at times frankly anti-Semitic, to the point where
the received and conventional wisdom has it that
Israel has no right to exist, and should be
eliminated. Again, this genocidal/politicidal act will
presumably be left to Radical islam, or to Iran’s
nukes, while the British gentlefolk avert their eyes
-or in a few cases, feast them.

The Brits tolerated Hitler’s anti-Semitism because,
out of fear, they wanted to appease him, and because
many of them covertly shared his obsession with the
Jews. They fostered Arab anti-Semitism as a way of
keeping their access to Middle-Eastern oil, and later
as a way of holding on to Palestine. But now, when
there are fewer obvious strategical reasons for their
Jew-hatred, it appears to be more vigorous than ever.
Explaining this, the Brits will cite the Jew’s
oppression of the Palestinians, and more recently,
their punishment of Lebanon. In effect, they might
hint, the palestinians have become the body of Christ,
and the jews are up to their dirty tricks, crucifying
him yet again in Palestine.

In effect, the Brits are telling us how compassionate
they are, in contrast to those bloody Christ-Killers.
Bully for them; but as they stress Brit idealism, they
avoid any mention of Brit fear - the fear of militant

islam that appears to be gripping all of Europe now,
and that - I would suggest - is partially alleviated
through anti-Semitism.
The Brit’s rationales for that anti-Semitism are
designed to do them credit, as possessors of superior
conscience, but they mask some smelly motives, having
to do with fear.
We have never truly appreciated the terror inspired by
terror tactics - especially suicide bombing, and in
particular the destruction of the Twin Towers. As the
great towers collapsed into billowing smoke and fire,
they called to mind the fearsome imagery of nuclear
war, combined with the retributive judgment of
Almighty God. Linked to such overwhelming images, the
terrorists and their faith have become more terrifying
than we are willing to admit.

But denied motives can still drive our acts and our
ideas. Along with the rest of what is now being called
“Eurabia,” the Brits are soothing their fear of the
intimidating muslims among them by acts of
appeasement. In 1938 they bought a year of peace by
offering Czechoslovakia to Hitler; now, for a
temporary peace they offer the Muslims a piece of the
Jews. The Jews are like the unlucky passenger tossed
from the sled to appease the ravening wolves: “ Oh,
Muslims! we share your Jew-hatred and israel-hatred;
go, nuke Israel, kill the jews, whatever, but leave us
Once again, Albion may have found the cohort that will
kill jews for it, leaving the Brits, temporarily at
least,"sans peur et sans reproche" - without fear and
without blame.


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