Tuesday, October 31, 2006


(><) People laugh at me because of my penchant for redundancy.

But as you get older there are more "senior moments" although they are experienced by everyone.

As people live longer, the rates of dementia and Alzheimer's climb. It is very scary prospect.

So I have a second set of keys, stash a few bucks in some unexpected places, kep an extra cred card.

There are so many codes, passwords, and phone numbers to learn.

Some good tricks:

From 100 subtract 7. That is 100 - 93 - 86 - 79 - 72 ...

Keep lots of photos --- old and new. That's the class picture from high school. My friend Herbo, and Davey and Red and Leon.

It helps.


PS: This may be repetitive because I am doing books, blogs, articles, columns --- and probably because of Senior monets, too.


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