Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween !!!

My kids all used to go out trick or treating.

They loved it but they did not often get tricked.

In college I once particpated in a stunt ginned up by a big, handsome --- dope.

We went into the residential neighborhood of Geneva, N.Y. --- home of my alma mater Hobrat College.

Big Dope let the air out of all four tires of a car in a middle class neighborhood.

It turned out to be the car of Hobart's biggest basketball then --- and perhaps to this date.

I have never seen Halloween celebrated with such vigor and originality as I did today.

Space cadets, Where's Waldo, Superman, witches, goblins --- everywhere.

One of my daughters was dressed as a gnarled old witch on one Halloween.

She looked at herself and shrieked --- eek !!!

My guidance: Lots of treats and gentle and funny tircks.



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