Wednesday, November 01, 2006

80 is the new 60.


By coincidence, in my new apartement building, I ran into some people I have known for a long, long time --- and with some of whom I have stayed in touch. One woman knew me since I was born.

Her parents and my parents had been among the first settlers in of the first new Jewish community since Biblical times --- called Tel Aviv --- the small Hill of Spring.

We had a spirited discussion.

One man is in his late Eighties and takes dialysis three times per week, for 3-4-5 hours, and will have to do so until he dies.

I blanched.

"No problem," he said. "It's not painful. I am little unsteady for a day or so. I read, watch television, talk with my wife."

Then he said: "It's all in the 'tude."

A good lesson.



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