Sunday, October 22, 2006

Anatomy more...

(><) I was at a party for the "naming" of a beautiful Jewish baby. Only about 100 guests.

One of the guests was a stunning blond actress from NYNY. (Not Jewish) She was thin, but with curves in all the right places.

In her stocking feet she must have been 5'10" tall. She wore stilleto heels which must have put her at about 6' 1."

The human anatomy has been likened to a bowling ball sitting atop a pencil.

Not very stable. Which can be dangerous if you fall.

A dog, or a bear, walks on four feet. More stable, by far.

A dachshund is unlikely to take a tumble.

The biblically despised snake certainly won't fall.

Might human beings not be the smartest species?



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