Saturday, October 21, 2006

ubi sunt...

(><) The much-revered Chairman of the English Department of the English department of Hobart & William Smith College, Otto August Eugene Richard Schoen-Rene', told his students that it was an age-old notion that people harked back to times gone by and asked Where Are ("ubi sunt" in Latin, I think) Are The Good Old Days?

Well, the Good Old Days weren't so great: Outhouses, slavery, frigid cold, tropical heat, the general inability to travel appreciable distances (The German philospher Immanual Kant never went beyond eight miles from Koeingsberg), the absence of airplanes, electricity, movies, radios, books, maps, dictionaries and so much more.

Modern "forced air" heat is a bummer. It dries you out.

Ubi sunt the days of steam radiators?



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