Saturday, October 21, 2006


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That's about the way I figure it. Actually I think the GOP may do better than that.

The scandal regarding Rep. Mark Foley's sexual activity is of an equal-oppotunity kind.

Politicians --- and people --- have displayed behavior that disgusts others (with merit in my judgement).

The number of U.S military KIA in Iraq --- (all volunteers) --- is tragic --- but relatively low by earlier standards.

The U.S. Civil War --- yes we had one too --- as has most every nation in the world --- was the must violent in our history --- and until the weird, wacky, wonderful, bizzarre and brutal
20th Century the ugliest miltary action in history.

Brother killed brother, the prisons in the South were notorious, and to so good in the North.

The march of William Tecumseh Sherman's troops from Atlanta to the sea --- under the direction of Ulysses S. Grant --- previously a drunken failure --- under the direction of President Abraham Lincoln was murderous.

(Father Abraham is regarded by some as the greatest prose stylist in American history)

Read Margaret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind.

Curiously, we now now re-enact Civil War battles, as sport, with bullets made of paint.


Fun, huh?



Blogger Michael_LSE said...


Coincidentally, I read that article on Sunday, once the Redskins game (I listen to Jurgensen & Huff over the Internet... another reason it's a great tool) was clearly lost.

The first thing that came to mind was "what about '94??" The authors of the article attempt to respond to this with some vague notion that people aren't as "angry" now as they were then. I can't see how that's the case.

I am beginning to read articles on the insurgencies' strategies in Iraq that don't even mention considerations of the coaltion. To me that signals that it's becoming irrelevent in terms of preventing the spread of violence. Merely for the sake of national prestige, (I can hear my French side coming out) people should be upset with a leadership that allowed a situation like this to unfold there.

I think people are really getting angry, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Democrats do win the House. Granted, it's very hard to argue that if the GOP holds on, it will have had nothing to do with their advantage in resources and organization.

But if they lose, how can you conclude anything other than anger propelled people to throw out incumbents in districts that had been both skillfully financed and gerrymandered in favor of the Republicans??

I am walking my absentee ballot over to our fortress-embassy here tomorrow. Who'd of thought 20 years ago you'd be able to walk right up to the door of the Russian embassy, but practically need wire cutters to get to ours?

October 23, 2006  

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