Monday, September 18, 2006

Two towns --- one man

Click here: Luxury Condos Arrive in Chinatown - New York Times

Yes Chinatown in NYNY is wondrous to behold. DC's is smaller, but very,very good.

The MCI Center has a wonderful story behind it.

After much discussion, Abe Pollin, decided to finance the arena himself. No public financing.

The MCI Center anchored the whole neighborhood.

It has flourished, and so has the team.

BTW: The three owners of the three major DC franchises are Jewish.

Abe and his wife Irene, are thoroughly decent people, with a flair for the philanthropic.

Ditto the Lerners.

Dan Snyder, who owns the fabled Redskins, maybe a little tetched in the head. The team (again) is doing poorly.



Blogger dsl said...

The article on the luxury condos in Chinatown was very interesting for two reasons. The first is the very fact that people will pay ultra high prices for apartments which were built for poor immigrants. The second is how "Chinatown" has expanded into what was "Little Italy" and the Jewish part of the Lower East Side. Most if not all of the kosher restaurants of that part of "Chinatown" are gone. Such is the way of New York and why New York, with all its problems, will NEVER die.

September 18, 2006  

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