Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sports nut --- skip if you must...

Alfonso Soriano has now hit 40 home runs and stolen forty bases, which has only been done four times in baseball history.

He has an outside chance to do 50-50, which I don't believe has ever
been done.

He is fleet of foot, slight of frame, with wrists like coiled springs.

To my knowledge he does not use steroids or any illegal substance.

This is his first year playing Left Field. He threatened to quit when Mgr. Frank Robinson decided to switch him to Left Field. He now leads the league in outfiled assists.

This power hitter bats in the lead-off spot. Has that ever been done before?

The Washington Nationals are in last place. (Not unusual. The saying used to be: "Washington --- first in war, first in peace and last in the American League." Now the National League.)

There is talk that he will be named MVP --- almost impossible for a last place team.

He deserves it.



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