Sunday, September 17, 2006

Embassy Party...

I was at a lovely Embassy party last night.

An extremely diligent and smart Member, Jane Harmon (D. CA) would, under prevailing seniority rules, become Chair of quite important Intelligence Committee (or sub-committee.)

Instead, possibly prospective Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ( who use to live in the same apartment building as I did --- what a small town ( ! ) --- is considering appointing Alcee Hastings (D. FL.) who, I believe, is a convicted felon (campaign contributions, I think.)

All this from pressure of the Black Caucus. There are cauci for everything today. (There should be an anti-caucus caucus...)

In addition to Rep. Charles Rangle (D/NY) ---(not a bad fellow)--- and John Conyers (D/MI) who is far, far left, and probably in favor of impeachment hearings of President Bush #43.

A blue-state victory --- from my perspective --- would yield a horror show.

By my lights Conyers deserves impeachment far more than GWB #43.

Rep. Harmon's husband, Sydney --- Harmon-Karden radios + more --- is in his eighties and looks 50.

Of course, I have played tennis with them. I find tennis great fun, and in DC, perhaps the central tool for "net-working." I have found it great fun, and sometimes rewarding (in that order.)

PS: Does anyone know the meaning of the yclept ?

If so, please tell me ---



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