Sunday, September 17, 2006

Remembrances --- more

Click here: Bloomgarden, Solomon. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05

I didn't know Yehoash who translated the Bible from Hebrew to Yiddish, a remarkable accomplishment.

But I knew his son, Avush, a remarkable man in his own right, big into computers long before they were the Next New Thing. Alas, he died when he was about 50.

I also knew Yudel Mark, who would play titanic chess matches with my father, Judah Wattenberg.

Yudel's monumental achievement was in lexicography. He created a Hebrew-Yiddish dictionary.

They loved their work, a great blessing.

I have lost touch with his Yudel's children, Moishe and Reva. I wish I knew where they were.

I thought I was a pretty good chess player at one time.

My father, who lived to 96 --- almost lived in three centuries --- he was born 12/20/99.

He used to spot me Rook. Then, well into his 80s, he gave me a Queen, and still wiped me out.

I got into a game in Beverly Hills CA and wiped out a very smart cardiologist.

Again, I thought I was hot stuff.

I was invited to play in a famous game, with time clocks, at Charles Krauthammer's house.

I was splatted like a bug. Splat ( ! )



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