Monday, September 25, 2006

The only empire that survives...

Click here: Foreign Policy: Empires with Expiration Dates

Good riddance to the old colonial empires.

Even the U.S. played the game, unsuccessfully.

The only one empire surviving today in the American Empire.

How so? Why?

Because it is a voluntary empire of ideas, peddling and promoting what has cvome to be known as The American Dream.

People everywhere want a piece of it, even when they snarl at us.



Blogger Atrayo said...

Hello Mr. Wattenberg,

I've been enjoying the intellectual viewpoints that your show offers PBS. With that compliment aside curiously enough whilst purveying my VOD (video on demand) movie section at home. I came across a docu-political movie title under the genre ushed in by Michael Moore. This was released by Sony Pictures called "Why We Fight" and starts off by quoting President Eisinhower of the "Military Industrial Complex" speech.

One of the many factoids it tosses out is that the US military has 725 military installations in 130 countries globally. That qualifies us as a nation to be an Empire.

Without delving too much into the conspiracist dogma. That we in the US at least during this President Bush administration. Feel that the US slogan "We The People" has been severely impaired if not to a large degree debunked. I suppose each Presidential administration offers us a rash of power struggles. But now it feels as if the order of scale is dwarfing us all. If God forbid we get another calious President in 2008 along the lines of the Bush legacy. Our civil liberties or sense of social justice superiority will continue to wax resembling something other than a democracy.

September 26, 2006  

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