Monday, September 25, 2006

Report from the Financial Front...

The Dow Jones Industrial Average opened this morning at $11,531.71, very close to an all-time (unadjusted for the changing value of the dollar.)

I will keep you posted.

But I do think that the financial networks must be preparing one of those one-hour specials.

We may do something about it on Think Tank. We did a special a few years ago: The Stockholder Society.


Some day, I think, historians will turn to Think Tank as an outstanding (the?) outstanding record of this weird and wonderful time.

We have produced about 400 programs, with about 600 panelists. We are planning an expansion (with some younger co-hosts.) We expect to air programs via TV, radio, I-Pod, Cell phone, computer. Some our programs (e.g. The First Measured Century) could go into theatrical release.

The PBS audience is skewed grey. I think they are a generation that understands, and loves,
television and and movies.



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