Monday, September 25, 2006

Poison in the air...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Old stuff for those of us who...":

Hi Ben. You know KZ so well that I wonder what was your reaction to the Thomas Frank article (Thus Spake Zinsmeister) about him in the August 25th NY Times?

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Ben's response:

I do know KZ well.

He has put his life on the line to see what was going on. .

I regard Karl, and his wife, as salt of the earth. I can't imagine that his three children are any less so.

(We all have our problems.)

I would go with his view of the world over most anyone else's.

There is, I think, more poison in the air now than there was during the Vietnam war.

I ascrible this to the 7/24 media situation. Something happens, terrorists strike, --- and it is on TV, radio, pod-casts --- five minutes later, too often (by my lights) with an anti-American spin, tilt, etc. Alas.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree that "we all have our problems," as you say; and by this may I assume that you refer to personal ego problems like succumbing to the temptation to rewrite quotes ascribed to oneself without consulting with an article's original publisher?

Anyway, aside from the comments made by people that merely debate and/or take issue with what Mr. Zinsmeister has written in the past;

... how do you feel about rumors that Mr. Zinsmeister was actually removed from his job at The American Enterprise magazine because too many instances of his bullying management style and his ethically challenged practices finally became impossible for his superiors at the magazine's parent, American Enterprise Institute, to ignore?

September 25, 2006  
Anonymous Red said...

Dear Mr. Wattenberg,

I admire your loyalty, though it is sadly misplaced.

Personally, I'd be completely unable to continue to stand with someone who has stabbed me in the back, the way Karl Zinsmeister has done to you ... Or didn't you know?

Formerly Anonymous -- I see in your comments that you prefer a name.

P.S. Please fix your computer's clock. Your posts are showing 3 hours earlier than you're actually posting them.

September 27, 2006  

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