Sunday, September 24, 2006

MG s 180 turn

I said that Mel Gibson should be excused for his recent anti-semitic outburst when drunk...

I guess I'll stand by that.

But, truth be told, I thought that way because he made some movies like Braveheart and a string of others good ones, many of which had patriotic themes. There aren't too many of those around these days.

I didn't see Passion of the Christ. What I read about did not not convince me that it was anti-Semetic. Harsh and cruel, yes. Anti-Semetic no.

Comes now this:

At an Austin filmfest, according to Reuters, Gibson

"... returned to the spotlight to promote his upcoming movie "Apocalypto," and to criticize the war in Iraq, according to the Hollywood after he presented a work-in-progress screening of his Mayan adventure tale, and then took questions.

"Gibson described the theme of his movie this way: "The precursors to a civilization that's going under are the same, time and time again," drawing parallels between the Mayan civilization on the brink of collapse and America's present situation. "What's human sacrifice, he asked, '" if not sending guys off to Iraq for no reason?'"

I had thought MG had his wits about all these years.

What's this?

A suck-up to the Hollywood Left?

A moronic change of mind?

A dunderhead who faked me out?

The best that can be said is that it is a smelleroo in anotherwise fairly distinguished career.

But putting a multi-national force (mostly American) into nation whose citizens were clearly being tortuered, robbed, raped and jailed was anything but a human sacrifice.

Iraqis have voted in a government, a constitution, and courts. The last neutral survey showed 70% of Iraqis approved of their new secular democratic government.

Keep your eyes wide open Me.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

70% of Iraqis approve of their new democratic government, but that means 30% of them do not -- that's a big, big problem. Democracy can't be sustained if millions of Iraqis don't believe in democracy. That situation had better change soon if the nation is to have a chance at stability in the next 100 years. That 30% of Iraqis who don't like the current democratic government is almost certainly comprised of the Sunni minority... very troublesome.

To wit: Check out this report from the Pentagon:

"A confidential Pentagon assessment finds that an overwhelming majority of Iraq's Sunni Muslims support the insurgency that has been fighting against U.S. troops and the Iraqi government... [the new survey] found that support for the insurgency has never been higher, with approximately 75 percent of the country's Sunni Muslims in agreement.

When the Pentagon started surveying Iraqi public opinion in 2003, Sunni support for the insurgents stood at approximately 14 percent."

September 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's the link to the story about the Sunni support for the insurgency:

September 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's the link to the story about the Sunni support for the insurgency:

September 25, 2006  

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