Monday, September 25, 2006

Not yet,, they're not...

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Happy High Holy Days for those who are Jewish and those are not.

They are beaututiful holidays.

I grew up in a very Zionist, very Jewish family, but a-religious, not atheist. Of my friends and acaquaintances in an almost totally Jewish neighborhood, I only recall one that was Bar Mitzvah.

Some of the early Zionists were vehemently anti-religious.

As posted here, I recently ran into to an Israeli woman who had 5 children and who had a sister who had 11 children. If the five each had five and the eleven each had eleven, might they "be fruitful, multiply and inherit the Earth" as God speaks unto to the Hebrews after the Flood.

After all, they are, arguably, the oldest continuing folk in history.

And there are those Lost Tribes to consider.

Judaism, for the most part, is not a prosletyzing religion.

There are some unusual off-shoots: Jews for Jesus for one.

There are Jews who have become Catholic and Catholics who have become Jews.

As noted here in an earlier post, one of the haunting points of the Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) holidays concerns the notion that no one knows what will happen next.

Given the tragic (and glorious) history of the Jews (from enslavement, to the destruction of the their holy places, to exile, to Inquistion, to Holocaust) --- I can understand why some Jews have opted out.

Just as some as some blacks choose to "pass."

Happy New Year ( ! )



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