Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How many times --- mordant

How many times have you almost been killed?

I count about ten .

I could have been that little boy coming out of the Warsaw ghetto with an SS trooper pointing an automatic weapon at him.

Twice, at a Zionist camp in the Catskills, I was on wagons than ran away down a hill with Rt. 52 ahead. They stopped,

At Hobart College, in New York's Snow Belt, a car I was driving did a triple spin and I didn't have the wits to steer in to the spin.

Acting like a moron, I drove across old Route 5/20 in Skip Wolin's canary-yellow convertible at 105 mph at 5:00 AM with five sleeping students in the vehicle.

I was signed up in AFROTC as pilot/navigator/bombadier. I think I almost surely would have gone down in flames. (I was classified with journalist's MOS headed for Clark AFB in The Phillipines. A Bilko-like M/Sgt. kept me in San Antonio as Sports Editor of the Talespinner.)

I very seriously entertained the idea of going to Mexico to bull-fighting school (Moi?)

I slipped and fell a couple of times in spots that easily could have killed me.

I was in a plane when a warning light went on and landed with rescue trucks at the ready. The mal-function was in the light.

My Father lived to 96, my mother till 80.

Maybe I have good genes.

How does anyone survive?

How 'bout you?


How about



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